Sports betting is a popular pastime. And when we say popular, we mean that, in the end, it is just as popular as betting chips on roulette on your lucky numbers. Countless people around the world enjoy sports betting, wagering billions of euros. Because one thing is certain – you can win a lot of money with sports betting.

So what’s so special about sports betting? When we ask German weather, we get a lot of different answers. We believe that it is ultimately based on the following two main reasons. The first is simple, it is the sport itself. Not everyone loves sport, but there are certainly a lot of people for whom this is true. For many of them, betting on the sports they enjoy is a natural development.

The second main reason is that sports betting is very simple. You can start betting even if you have a limited amount of background knowledge. Nevertheless, you still have a chance to win money, especially if you bet on sports that you really understand. But if you want to consistently win money, then this requires a lot more knowledge and a lot more effort. Understanding the types of sports you play will definitely help, but it’s not enough to be successful in the long run. You also have to learn and develop certain skills.

What you have to look out for in sports betting in general
You read above that sports betting is actually very simple and that you could get started right away. But it is important to understand that there is also a real risk here. It doesn’t matter how much knowledge you have about what sports Sue is betting on. Every time you place a bet, you wager money at risk of losing it. We know from experience that inexperienced beginners will lose more than they gain at the beginning.

So if you want to immerse yourself directly in various sports bets, with the idea that you will win a lot of money directly, please think again.

The different types of bets
There are many different types of bets for the markets offered by the bookmakers. If you are interested in horse racing , the types of bets are very different from, for example, a football game. Most beginners will be amazed when you see the many different betting options. We recommend that you read the appropriate reading, which you can also find at all online bookmakers and who first concentrate on the simpler bets at the beginning of your sports betting career.

The simpler bet types include the general winning bet on a race, game or tournament. Here, for example, the tip on the football world champion or the winner of the Formula 1 driver classification. There are also in-play bets for this type of market, which means that odds change over the course of the game based on the current game results and you can still bet when the game has started. Simple bets are e.g. For example, in a football game, so-called 50/50 bets such as B. who gets kick-off, who gets the first corner kick, penalty, free kick, yellow card etc.

What kind of markets are there?
The world of betting markets is open to German weather due to the large selection of bookmakers. Do you want to limit yourself to the German market? No problem – you can place a bet on every conceivable sport and league. A circular league game in your home town? No problem. The winner of the next swimming championship in Berlin? No problem either. As you can see, the local market is completely covered. You just have to choose a bookmaker who also offers these markets.

From an international perspective, all markets are also open to German bettors. A cricket game in India or a rugby game in New Zealand? No problem. College basketball in the US or a minor league ice hockey game in Canada? No problem either. You just have to choose a trustworthy bookmaker who offers the markets for your interest. As a German betting enthusiast, all conceivable sports and markets worldwide are open to you.

What kind of bookmakers are there and what do they offer?
When we look at the largest bookmakers in Germany that have the most markets worldwide, we can recommend the following:

Bet 3000
888 sport
Spin Sports
The list is not complete. If you start a search on the Internet, you will find many other providers. It is important in the selection that the bookmaker is licensed and also regulated / monitored and that modern security standards are observed.

When you sign up for an account with an online bookmaker, you get a bonus from most providers. These bonuses can consist of match bonuses up to a certain deposit amount, the elimination of betting tax for a certain period of time, cash back and free bets. Before opening an account, read the terms and conditions for these bonuses, because all bonuses have certain conditions that you must meet before you can withdraw your winnings.

We wish you every success with your sports betting!